Thursday, October 25, 2012

Pumpkins on Parade

Do you still like to carve and decorate
pumpkins ...
(I know I do)

here is you chance to show us your best pumpkin art!
Use your imagination and be creative. 

Cafe Crop will be sponsoring a pumpkin decorating contest.
(it doesn't have to be an actual pumpkin - just represent a pumpkin)

Decorated pumpkins/pumpkin art can be dropped off Thursday, November 1st– Saturday, November 3rd.  

Vote for your favorite pumpkin art during election week .

  • One entry per person.
  • Entry must be your own work not items made by someone else (i.e., decoration you bought at a craft fair)
  • Nothing that will decompose, rot, turn to mush, etc. can be entered.  Please use non-food / vegetable items!
  • Only themes deemed appropriate and family-friendly will be accepted as an entry.
  • Drop off your entry between Thursday, November 1st and Saturday, November 3rd.
  • Entries will be on display the week of November 5th.
  • Entries may be picked up after 4 PM on Saturday, November 10th.
  • All entries will be on display at Café Crop the week of November 5th.  (Monday, November 5th – Saturday, November 10th.)
  • Voting
    • One vote per person per day
    • Voters must be 16 years of age or older
    • Anyone found violating the voting rules will have all of their votes disqualified.
  • Vote in person during business hours each day:
  • Voting will end at 3 PM on Saturday, November 10th. Votes will be counted and the winners announced at 4 PM.
  • 1st prize: $50 Cafe Crop Gift Certificate
  • 2nd prize: $25 Cafe Crop Gift Certificate
  • 3rd prize: $15 Cafe Crop Gift Certificate

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