Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and hoping everyone is taking time to spend with family and friends. 
I spent the day playing with new crafts toys and finished my December 2012 Tags. The snowman and snowflakes were cut out with my Sizzix eclips and my Stamp-2-Cut cartridges.

I didn't have the large snowman blueprint stamp, so I chose to use the mini snowflake stamp to make my tag. First, I used the distress stains to create the background. Then I stamped the snowflake with chipped sapphire on the tag. I also stamped 3 snowflakes on watercolor paper and used my eclips to cut them out.  I would never have been able to cut them out by hand and still kept the details. The letters were cut from the mirror paper (you can see my tree lights reflected in the letters).

I also made a smaller snowman tag using the mini snowman blueprint stamp. I cut out the snowman and the cut out another hat to layer on top. The eclips even cut out the tiny stick arms for the snowman.

Help with your new Eclips 
If you were lucky enough to receive an eclips for Christmas and need help getting started, I will be at Cafe Crop on Wednesday to assist you. Bring your eclips and laptop (if possible-to update your controller) and I will be glad to help you.

If you didn't get one but would like one, we currently have some in stock. Come by to get one before they are gone.


  1. Love all three of your tags!!

    Congrats on your Tim win!!

  2. love these tags, the snowflakes look so pretty. Congratualtions on your win! xx

  3. Thanks. I was so excited to see my name on the list.

  4. Thank you, Inky Fingers! We needed several eClips machines in time for Christmas but Sizzix had a shipping glitch that threatened to be the Grinch who stole Christmas. Sizzix stepped up and arranged for next day SATURDAY delivery and saved Christmas for some very happy ladies! And the day after Christmas the other eClips machines showed up! I begged Sizzix to let us keep them because I think there are lots of paper crafters who need to upgrade their electronic die cutting machine. Did you get a Cafe Crop Gift Certificate? Are you ready to take your electronic die cutting to a new level? Buy the eClips and eCal computer software, and unleash your full creative potential! Just about everyone knows I'm a geek. And I often get into trouble saying we can do something, and then it ends up being more work than I imagined! At least this story ends well! I was able to create the layout on a 12" x 24" Adobe Illustrator file, save it as an SVG file, and import it into eCal to cut. So if you're more familiar with Adobe Illustrator, you can even design everything in that! If you'd like us to do the creative and design work for you, there are fees for our services. We would be happy to quote you on those costs.

    With two Sizzix eClips certified instructors, be on the lookout for our first formal class, and begin to unleash the potential of this absolutely amazing electronic die cutting machine.

  5. I love the mini snowman! He's adorable!