Sunday, April 21, 2013

Meet Craft Matt

Tina and I had the opportunity to take a series of classes sponsored by Globecrafts Memories and Piccolo Decor.  Among the list of supplies we needed to bring was a craft matt. Of course we realized it must have been a typing error, but thought it would be fun to bring a craft matt. So begins the journey for Craft Matt....
with a long drive to Midland, Michigan. When we arrived at our hotel, we thought we might have taken a wrong turn or two because in front of the hotel was a red double decker bus, a red phone booth and a funny looking mailbox. Did we cross the ocean in the dark? Maybe it will look different in the morning.


No they were still there. So we took a few minutes to take pictures for Craft Matt's scrapbook. 
Now it was time to head to our classes. 

Our first project was an home decor project with the clear globes.
We used 3D enamel gels to add color and dimension to the butterfly and an ultra thick UV resin to finish it off.
We used vintage copper embossing powder on the frame.

On to the next project, a card using the vintage copper and gold embossing powders to make book board embellishments look like old metal. Love the patina look to the embossing powders.

Matt was excited about making the next project. He was able to help change bookboard embellishments into rusted gears. It was an involved project as there were multiple steps.  The rust embossing powder created a neat effect. In some steps we heated it, while in others we just used it loose. To finish off the project we added Piccolo Ultra Thick Instant UV Resin. Now it is ready to wear.

The last project was a pendant and earring set. This used the embossing powders, 3D enamel gels and the Ultra Thick Instant UV Resin. The finished piece looked that a heavy metal piece. I did wear them out to dinner, everyone thought they were metal and couldn't believe I made them.

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